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CS Nerf recommendations

Hi All

I need some advice and to pick your collective brains, My daughter and i currently have a small weapons collection, we currently have:

1x Swarmfire, 1x N-strike Stockade, 2x sharp shots and a couple of Rebelle ones (Dont ask my daughter made the same face)

While we have a lot of fun with the sharp shots and love these as backups, the Swarmfire and Stockade are not very evenly matched though, My daughter loves the Swarmfire (but it is wildly inacurate and a pain to load) and the stockade uses the streamlined darts but not the "Tagger Micro Whistler Dart" and has a fairly limited barrel mag.

So what i am looking for is a couple of sensible price (my daughter is paying for hers) CS fed guns to make things a litte more even. I dont care if they are older ones (ebay is my friend), i dont mind changing our ammo stock but im looking for somthing that is a good "standard" tried and tested sort of thing Wink

Recomendations would be greatly appreciated.

The Rebelle Rapid Red and Elite Stryfe are pretty much the same thing but in different looking packages, usually around £10-£15, could be ideal. Though the stryfe only comes with a little 6 dart clip so your daughter is going to waste you with her 12  Laughing

Or if in doubt, 2 elite alpha troopers from Argos is always decent.

The elite rampage, while not as inexpensive as the elite stryfe is a very respectable CS blaster stock. So that and the stryfe/rapid red would be my recommendations.

Second the Stryfe/Alpha Trooper options although the Swarmfire is my absolute favourite.

You'll find that the Swarmy will be fussy with the darts it takes. Old, worn, squishy darts will fall out of the barrel so it's best to use fresh darts with it. The Stockade (any flywheeler in fact) won't be as fussy.

I always find that for spontaneous shits and giggles it's always best to go with a springer, preferably muzzle loaded. Once you've finished faffing around loading mags and checking batteries some of the keen has gone.

I'd echo UKNerfWar's comment about front-load springers being better suited for spontaneous messing about. Roughcuts are a favourite amongst a lot of BritNerfers due to their ease of use, generally pleasant ergonomics, and all round fun factor. Strongarms/Hammershots/Disruptors also make great, easy to use pistols.

If you are going down the mag route, I'd avoid mag-fed springers for kids: some kids (and newbies alike) find it difficult to remember to pull the prime back, release the mag, load a new mag, then prime forward. Trying to do that without dropping mags, and while trying to avoid getting shot, can be a bit much for the inexperienced Nerfer. And if they knock the prime forward while fumbling with the new mag, they then have to prime it fully, dry-fire, and then start the process again.

The Stryfe and the Rapid Red, being flywheelers, have a much easier reload: just press the switch to drop a mag out and push a new one in. Alternatively if you can find a second hand one, the Rayven is a lovely blaster with lovely compact shape. And the Modulus ECS10, while being a bit bulkier, often turns up cheap second hand.

All of the above blasters run on AA batteries, meaning getting new ones is easy and fairly cheap, especially when compared to bulkier D or C cells. Buy a few rechargeable ones and you're laughing.


Thanks so much for your help, the swarm does suffer from darts dropping out but is great fun, it's just a shame it takes so long to load. We love our sharpshots for quick fun but need somthing bigger as well. I like the look of the Alpha trooper and the Stryfe and they seem to be a decent price from argos.

The Modulus ECS10 looks great but a little pricey at the moment but flywheels seem to be the answer.

Thanks again.

Modulus ecs10 is quite big for a little kid, my six year old looks awkward holding it as she empties the contents of the mag into your groin from ten foot away.

A strongarm is ideal for a quick fire sneak attack and normally on 2 for £15 out of the laminated book of dreams. Mind I currently prefer the Mega CycloneShock for intimidation reasons alone, it's big red, priming it makes an ominous noise and then the darts whistle as they glide towards the centre is mass that generally is a child running for cover.

Rebelle spylights are still 6 quid in argos, great side arm.

Rab wrote:
Rebelle spylights are still 6 quid in argos, great side arm.

I can confirm. †My wife has one and it's at least as powerful as a Strongarm but loses far less range/power when slam fired. †Easier to reload too.

She likes it so much she even bought the Divergent version (exactly the same, just different paint and no light).

Strongarms are less than £9 in the Entertainer at the moment too. That used to be my favourite blaster until I got the Roughcut and mastered single shot with it.

I've said it before but the spylight's the most powerful current-model blaster I've tested- girl blasters ftw Smile

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