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Considering MTB Super Sledgefire as a project

So I have been lurking around the forum for some time, with almost no posts previous to speak of, but I recently saw a Nerf event near me and thought 'well, why the hell not? Have a laugh and meet some people'.

Now I have a very small arsenal of Nerf blasters, with an affinity for springers and have some experience with lock removals, but not much access to many magazines or carrying rigs.

Which is where I recently acquired a second sledgefire, and saw Make.Test.Battle's Super and Ultra Mods, and fancy having a go at making the Super (spring-powered) version.

Has anyone made something similar? Any pitfalls to watch out for? Would a blaster like MTB's Super Sledgefire be ok to take to a public event? As I'm not looking to be uber competitive, but to have a laugh and fun, without worrying about damaging/losing shells. Also advice on the best conduit/piping to use would be appreciated


Many of the materials in that guide are harder to find here. If you want a good barrel material then UKNerfwar has PETG and PVc pipe here. Several britnerfers have attempted this mod with varying success. Most people have used a LaserGnomes Slugfire shell with a barrel added or just on its own, as it's fully reversible.
Blasterparts sledge spring is a bear to fit but adds power. You will hit around 105fps with a Slugfire shell and the standard spring.

All toy like blasters are fine for public events and you are unlikely to top 130fps with anything other than a full house Longshot, so no need to worry about the 1j limit.

You don't need fancy rigs to carry mags, they fit in trouser pockets and knock off 12 mags are about 3 each in ebay. Most of us ran for considerable time without anything comp,i acted and a single Miranda is only 10 to take 3 mags.
The Dark Kitten

Ha! I gave it a go and it totally flopped. Use ONs PVC that's the one I found don't fiddle with brass.
If you feck up I have all my old parts that you can always use and I'll post over to you.
Please, please, please document what you are doing! People want to do this modbut using UKs supplies isn't easy so having a list of parts and such forth I can believe would be very useful

@OldNoob - Thanks for the heads up, just wondering what advantage a slugfire shell with or without a barrel may make? Couple this with a spring upgrade, it sounds like there's scope for a Slugfire to reach way above the 100fps, and it be a reversible mod...what reason would a permanent mod have over the shell system?

@Dark Kitten - Thanks for the offer, if I do decide to go the permenant mod route, I will definitely document my progress and take you up on the offer if it all goes south lol

The slugfire shellmis relatively expensive vs a few bits of plastic pipe and doesn't make as good use of the plunger volume. The cool thing about the slugfire is that you can just take it out and load a standard shell. You will get 110fps ish with the slugfire and upgraded spring. 120 is about the max for the sledge.

Not trying to plug my trading post but take a peek at the pics of the mtb sledge I am selling in the trading section. the hardest part i found was finding the right gasket thickness.

The pipe can be done using perspex pipe available over ebay, I recommend making a removable thin ring of 17/32nds to help hold the dart which can be removed if needed (given varying widths).

Here is the barrel material I used:

Trading post:

I think I understand why the MTB crew opted for the permanent mod: it's likely due to the slugfire or pipefire shells being manufactured in the US, meaning the ordering, shipping and costs have a cumulative effect financially compared to the gasket method.

Is there anyone on this side of the ocean that 3D prints these shells without having to order from the states or china?

Not afaik. You might find a similar one on thingyverse to get printed at a hackspace or on $hapeways. Slugfire is not a public design.
They made theirs to get better barrel length to maximise the added power off the spring, the hardware spring they use us stronger than a Blasterparts one.

The lasergnomes shells allow you to still have the shotgun function, which I reckon is the best part swapping between shotgun and range.

If you want a high power single shotter theres easier options, maybe not quite as powerful but certainly simpler.

I got a blastzooka from amazon, just cut the air restrictor off the fron of the barrel or I'm guessing a k26 in a nite finder will be up there.

Lasergnomes guys are really helpful too. Might be worth seeing if theres any intrest from others and ordering a few to help split the cost ?

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