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Congratulations OldNoob

OldNoob has only been with us for three years but in that time he has become a huge asset to the community. I could list the ways in which he has bolstered the British community and elevated our little community as world leaders in innovation and development, but that would take all night. It suffices to say, OldNoob rocks.

Owing to his dedication to the forum and the UK community as a whole, Scouts and I have decided to promote OldNoob to Admin, giving him more power to help keep the forum running smoothly.

I think you'll all agree that it's well deserved and although it's only a small token, we thought it was a good way to show our appreciation.

Well done, OldNoob - thanks for all your help with getting us all started.  I for one am very grateful of your advice to date

Congrats ON. Being fairly new to the hobby I have had plenty of questions,  you have always answered them for me providing advice and guidance when needed.
Also, by setting up Bristol Blast 1 let us see how to run a war and the fun it holds, due to this we have sorted a regular event!

I fully agree! Well deserved and thanks for your advice and guidance over my comparatively short Nerfing lifetime ^_^

I'm never sure admin duty is a good thing, but... congratulations!

The Nerf community as a whole owe you a d of gratitude for the hard work and testing and I personally have benefitted from your skills and friendship, so it truly is a thank you from me


Excellent news. Congrats.

Well done ON!
The Dark Kitten

Very much deserved.
Congratulations ON


Hah, being made a forum admin is punishment not reward  Laughing But nice one anyway

A nobel choice for sure! He is sure to carry his knighthood with honor. I have no doubt that his contributions have earned him a place as an admin to the greatest Nerf forum on the web.

Congratulations and thank you. Your advice and knowledge is priceless and you really have laid down the marker for modifications. Without your input I'd probably still be trying to run my Stampede off 9v batteries (yes I did try that).

Well done


Northwind wrote:
Hah, being made a forum admin is punishment not reward  Laughing But nice one anyway


despite that, well done chap Wink

Oh I missed this - well done sir!

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