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Britnerf Merchanise - 2nd Anniversary Edition

Today, we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of our humble little forum.

In honour of this momentous occasion, the admin team have decided to design some BritNerf merchandise for you all. Arenít we lovely?

First of all, we have the BritNerf 2nd Anniversary commemorative patch.

This fetching, limited edition fabric patch measures 90x60mm. Numbers of this beautiful item are extremely limited so get your order in quick. Initially I will be limiting these to one per person so everyone can have an equal chance of owning one.

£3 each (inc. P&P)

Secondly, we have the official BritNerf T-Shirts.
Two designs are available. You can choose from either Longshot or Stampede.

These T-Shirts are being made to order. They will be black only and available in all standard sizes.

£8 each (+£2 P&P)

All orders should be submitted to me via PM using the format below. I will then contact you all individually to arrange payment when I have placed the order with the printers. After then you should receive your merchandise within one week.

I'd like to take the time to thank you all for your support and dedication over the last two years. The UK community is growing nicely and we couldn't have done it without you guys. Lets make this year a good one for BritNerf. Get out there and get nerfing.

Merchandise Order Form.

BritNerf Patch: [YES/NO]
T-Shirt Design/Quantity:
Email Address:
Postal Address:

(NB. P&P applies to UK members only. International members will need to contact me for a shipping quote.)


I got the price for the patches wrong. Sorry.

2nd EDIT:

Updated T-Shirt price and order details.

3rd EDIT:

I've received the test print and added a picture of the finished article above.

Blastersmiths have shown you the love! Go like the BritNerf Facebook page, too - it's looking a little sparse over there at the moment!

It doesn't feel like 2 years since I saw someone mention this new British nerfing forum. I joined right away and spent the rest of the evening on it instead of my homework. X_X I'm really grateful for this great community. It kinda became my baby after BNW took his leave of absence, but that responsibility has helped me develop leadership skills and given me the opportunity to get to know some excellent people. Thanks to everyone! Smile

Thanks for keeping the forum alive scouts.

It was my pleasure my friend! It's very fulfilling to see how we've grown. Smile

Happy Birthday BritNerf!

happy b-day to the brit Nerf form.
and long may it live.

Wow, you guys have grown since the last time I logged on. Live long and prosper BritNerf!

The rebel Dave

Happy birthday to the forum.  Let's hope the UK Nerf community keeps growing!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY all the way from corfu! :Dholiday hasnt stopped me from chekung the forums !

Lookie what I got!

Go on, you know you want one! only £3.

Hard to believe its been 2 long years, what a development Smile

Those patches look nice as well, any pics of them on clothing?

I've updated the image of the patch in the OP with a closeup rather than the design image for clarity.  Here is a picture of the patch on my waistcoat.

It also turns out that the T-Shirts will end up being a lot cheaper than I first thought. I'll keep you posted if the price changes. Also, we'll need a lot more orders by Friday if you would like to get your hands on one. The price goes down the more I order so if you're interested, send me your order form now. You can always change your mind. I can take orders as an ongoing thing, that's not a problem but I'd like the first batch to be a sizeable one.

Come on guys, show your support!

Who sewed that on? It's not straight! :p I'll post a picture of it on my Nerf tactical vest in a minute.

It is in fact held in place by gravity.

The truth is I can't decide where to put it so I just placed it on my jacket for demonstration purposes.

That's right ladies and gents, I cheated!
The rebel Dave

For shame.  There should have been a disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

Behold, BritNerf goodness pinned in place on my ageing Nerf tactical Vest. It's only pinned currently because I'm awaiting my custom rig from the talented and skilled BSUK seamstresses (yes, I have to wait in line just like everyone else).

In other words, show your allegiance peasants! Very Happy


I'm still waiting on a test print of the T-Shirts from the printers but I can confirm that the price will be considerably less than I first thought.

T-Shirts are now available for pre-order for £8 +pp

In light of this development I am extending the deadline so others can get their orders in. The new order deadline will be decided when I reveive the test shirt and can post pictures.

As a further effort to bring the price down I am also limiting the colour choice to black only.

Get your orders in quick and help support the community. The more orders we get, the cheaper the shirts will be. Save yourself a bit of money and order one of each design.

I would like to make it clear that no one is taking any profit from the sale of the merch. The price you pay for the shirt and or patch is the price I pay to buy them. I will personally be buying additional T-Shirts to send to various bloggers and vloggers to help promote the forum. Money out of my own pocket to help develop your forum. You can thank me later.

I got bored waiting for my custom tactical vest so I thought I'd put my patch on my next most visible piece of kit: my shiny new Stryfe holster.

Seriously, grab them while you can people. They're very good quality and a great way to promote the forum. Smile

Got any patches left?
Interested in one

PM me.

I've reeived a test print and it is BEAUTIFUL! (pictures above)

The T-Shirts are confirmed at £8 each. £8 is cheap for a plain T-Shirt at Primark so this price for one sporting the address of your favourite Nerf forum is a steal. Buy one and promote your forum.

I'll be firing up the old mass email machine so it will be easier for you all to order your merch.

Closing date for this batch of shirts will be 31st July. Orders placed after this date will have to wait until the next batch is printed (at some point in the future).

Hug *BUMP* Hug

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