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BritNerf is 3!!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear BritNerf,
Happy Birthday to you.

Can you believe it's actually been three years?

On behalf of the A&M team I'd like to thank you all for being awesome and helping to support the hobby here in the UK. We may not be the biggest, or the most prolific but by jiminy we are the most British!

Special thanks to ScoutsIX-3 for keeping the forum alive all these years. He may not sound it but deep inside he is a Brit. Cut him open and you'll find tea and drizzle.

Stand by for information on this years Birthday celebrations.

Happy Nerfday BritNerf!

Waaaayyyy! Happy Birthday Britnerf!

Happy Birthday! to the forum!!!

What on earth do you buy internet forums as a present though? I don't think they eat cake Sad

Probably not, but the Admins do!

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