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BritNerf 5th Anniversary Competition Results

It's time! The admin team has reviewd the DIY tactical gear submissions and have chosen the top 3. We were thrilled with the number and breadth of submissions, and look forward to watching many of them be further perfected! And now, ladies and gentlemen, the top 3 DIY tac gear submissions!


Davera's submission answers the age old question of "How can I carry 234 rounds (13x18 stick mags) into battle in an easily accessible package?" Possibly inspired by a similar real-steel backpack that was circulating the internet a while back, Davera's "Mag Dump" embodies everything we of the Admin/Mod team were looking for in this competition. Using nothing but tape, cardboard, velcro, and a Nerf tac vest, he constructed a simple, inexpensive, and highly functional tactical accessory that is accessible to Nerfers of all skill levels and means. Additionally, it functions as a proof of concept for a multitude of possible refinements and variations. Congratulations Davera!, PM UKNerfWar to discuss the details of claiming your prize, a fabulous custom flame-painted stryfe courtesy of OldNoob!


Griv created a simply brilliant submission. Utilizing cardboard, a backpack, scraps from a dismantled Havok, and electrical skills, he created a system that simultaneously serves to store copious amounts of ammunition while dispensing it at the pull of a trigger. He had the clever idea of wiring the parts in the backpack to perfectly sink the feed mechanism of the blaster itself to the feed mechanism in the blaster, ensuring that the backpack only feeds when the blaster is firing. It lost a few points due to the added complexity of wiring work (making the build less accessible to a wide range of people), but it was a very close second! Your prize is TBD, but PM UKNerfWar at your convenience to discuss the details.


L11's submission stands out from the rest in its sheer ingenuity. Rather than fiddle with cardboard and tape, he took an old pair of cargo trousers and turned it into a highly functional thigh holster. Requiring nothing more than some stitching and a few folds, this submission can easily carry a roughcut in addition to a pile of darts in the pocket. We especially appreciated his use of already existing features of the trousers to reduce the amount of work needed to complete the holster. Why spend time sewing a pocket or belt loops when you can use those already attached to the trousers? L11, you win a Rapidstrike blaster bag, please PM UKNerfWar to discuss shipping details.

Disappointed that you didn't make the top 3? Don't get discouraged, all submissions demonstrated real effort and promise, just keep on developing those skills and you'll be making all sorts of cool and functional accessories before you know it! The admins reviewed every submission, and you can view our feedback in the gallery linked below.


Thank you all for your submissions, and thank you all for helping to make a tiny, no-name forum that I helped started 5 years ago into the thriving community we have today!


Well done everybody who entered and thanks to all our members for your continued support.

On behalf of the A&M team, it's a pleasure to run this forum for such a friendly and enthusiastic bunch of weirdos.


Well done Davera, great idea, brilliantly executed, enjoy the Deuce!

Grivnir, you were my favourite, but I total respect the admins decision to go with Davera as his design was more accessible. But dude, that idea rocks! I expect to see Justajolt attempt it for a GuN event soon!

To everyone that entered, well done, it was a great set of entries that were well thought out and well built, with each working to solve a common issue we all have: clip or blaster storage.

A lot of you have some crazily good skills with duct tape, my hat goes off to you, I have enough trouble getting the stuff off the roll, yet alone using it.

Awesome! I'm really happy with that, thanks!

Well done everyone.

Wow. I am totally blown away and humbled.

I feel there were some amazing entrants and I am certainly going to be adding a few to my loadout.

Thanks admin team for organising, it has been great fun!

Cool thanks guys! Silver is pretty good!!  Cool

I should probably add a congratulations to the other winners!  Very Happy

Davera wrote:
I am certainly going to be adding a few to my loadout.  Thanks admin team for organising, it has been great fun!

I fully agree with this! I've really enjoyed seeing all the ideas that have come up and I'm really looking forward to seeing them in the flesh at events around the country!

Thanks to the admin team for the motivation to try some things out I'd been thinking about for a while!

Congratulations to Davera, grivnir01 and L11. Very well deserved indeed ^_^

Well done Troops
Congratulations to the winners and all who took part, great stuff.

I still need to know if that pastie holder is bridie compatible 😊

Yes. Well done all.  I was actually able to come in to contact with both the Winning entry and the 3rd place entry at Bristol Blast 2 today.  You guys did an excellent job.
daniel k

Well done to all the winners! When will we get notifications on the patches?

When I've tooled the design and embroidered them. Smile Currently, they'll be sew on only because our machines don't like doing Velcro backed versions.

Well done guys very much deserved - genuinely thinking of ordering a hotrod now

Congrats peoples!

I think I'll have to make a copy of first place if I ever get to playing a heavy trooper at GC. Or second....

I demand "except Davidov's" to be added after saying "all submissions demonstrated real effort and promise" :p

Congratulations Guys good competition cant wait till the next one

First, I would like to offer late congratulations to everyone.  However, I feel that if the main idea is creativity and original, then the top entries should be somewhat different. I personally feel that the more creative and original entries would be the ones that used interesting materials and ideas, such as magnets, metal, and reusing parts to make gear.  That is simply my opinion and I don't mean any offense to anyone.

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