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UK Foam

Bristol Blast 8 - 22nd April

Hello Fellow Nerfers!

Bristol Blast is bouncing back with our 8th event! Thanks to Bishop Vince Harvey we have been invited back for another event at the Southmead Chapel. As per usual THE BURSAR (Jay) will be on the door taking registration (please see Jay before unpacking). Upon registration expect to hand over darts or dosh and be initiated to your team for the day.

Anyone who hasn't registered please do not be offended if you are approached by one of us.

Meet the team
Luke    -L11 The Hench Ginger-                          (THE GAMES MASTER)        
Kieren  -NewportNerfer113 The Lanky Cowboy-   (THE TECHNICIAN)
Dave    -Davera The one Knee Deep in Blasters-  (THE ARMOURER)
Jay      -Overkill Man The Vegan-                        (THE BURSAR)
Pete     -UK Foam The Newb-                             (MASTER OF THE HOUSE)

Church of JC of Latter Day Saints, Wigton Crescent, Bristol BS10 6DY
Note - there are 4 churches in the Crescent, please don't rock up to the wrong Church.  If in doubt, ask one of the Bristol Blast team on the forum or on our Facebook page (link below) and we will sort you out.

£5 or 100 KOOSH Darts (Per Person)

Start Time: 12:30 to 17:00
Date: Saturday 22nd of April
Registration between 12:30 and 12:50
Safety briefing @ 12:50
Foam flinging comences @ 13:00
Break time @ 15:00

130 fps blaster cap
No smoking on site
No alcohol
No swearing
Minimum age is 8 years old
By attending and signing in you agree to possibly being recorded during the event and any embarrassment captured and published is entirely your own fault.

It's in the diary already! Who knows, I may even have the Atlas running reliably by then!

Ooh you missed GC1 by a week, marvellous. I might be not dead enough to make it but no promises. If I am there, expect either a full supah-1337-op3r4t0r Boff or a walking vegetable depends how it goes over the previous weekend. There won't be any in-between. Razz

Looking forward to being back at the new venue.

Oh, quick question. If I bring 200 darts for the pool could I count the second hundred as entry to the next war I attend?
Welsh Mullet

Is it still only koosh for entry, or will you now accept the various (stacked, brick wall, and cross head) waffle tips?

Unfortunately I'm having to miss this one. Someone else in the team will have to shout all day instead  Razz
UK Foam

We accept elites, koosh and waffle style darts.

We do not accept fvjs or darts that are shorter than the norm as these are either dangerous or cause flywheels to jam.


I apologise if this is somewhere else i had a look at the guides but couldnt see an answer.

My daughter and i are looking at trying to make this Blast but she had a question about darts, Does everyone use from a central pool or do we bring our own?

If it is a general pool what type dart is best to bring?

Thanks all

We have a huge dart pool that everyone uses, after each game we do a  dart sweep and replenish the pool ready for the next game.

Within the dart pool we have Elites, Koosh and waffle style darts.

If you bring your own please ensure they are not FVJ's as they are not allowed at our events.

Sadly I am not able to make this event. I will make sure I leave a good few blasters with one of the other organisers.

Thanks for the info, looking forward to having some blaster fun.

I should be able to get to this! Whoop! Damn. Gonna have to get me some duct tape tac gear.. And put the order in with BSUK I've been threatening to put in for an age.

EDIT: May have just recruited a family to BB. Walking to the station from tech day with my blaster hanging out of my rucksack ended up talking to a guy at the till in the co-op. Mentioned your war and I left him trying to memorise Bristol Blast.

Minky wrote:
Mentioned your war and I left him trying to memorise Bristol Blast.

If only we had thought up a catchier name....

Will be ordering a load of waffle tips ready for this one!

On another note, assuming we're not able to go on the grass if it's not dry, would we be able to tape off part of the carpark to use so that we're not just limited to the path on that side of the building? It became a bit of a narrow corridor last month, with no cover available if you were advancing along it.
UK Foam

Treezy we will take this into account and ensure that this doesn't happen again! =]

Cheers dude. I'm sure that if the grass is dry it won't matter quite as much, because we'll have loads of space. The other alternative I thought about was taping off the carpark as before, but keeping it open on the side by the building, as there's a mixture of grass and paving slabs here, as well as various bits sticking out from the side of the building to act as cover.

On another note, I'm mildly surprised that my load out vid was not as horrendous as feared. Nice work!

I will be there at BB8 this time without the kids, should be good to concentrate on having fun with you guys for a change even if I will miss little Dave as a wingman!

I will import some super-charged coffee or something from somewhere to make it to this one. With NP113 and L11 both being out of action, I suppose I should lend a hand. Smile

Oh and I'll remember to turn my camera on this time!
UK Foam

Treezy does that mean your up for a rival loadout at Bb8?

Thanks boff that's much appreciated!

UK Foam wrote:
Treezy does that mean your up for a rival loadout at Bb8?

Fuck it, why not? Can do a HvZ loadout this time to go with my standard loadout from BB7.
Clockwork Wino

Looking forward to this.  Unfortunately I'll have to leave by about 4pm but at least I get to attend for most of the event. Thinking of bringing the Rotofury for a Mega loadout (if I can summon up the courage to tackle the spring upgrade).
UK Foam

Looking forward to seeing you there. Oh the Rotofury is hard to get back together!

Would I be able to rock up at 15:00 (at the break) as my wife works weekend, and my kids are all too young to play yet. So half an afternoon is much easier to accommodate than late morning to early evening.
If it is possible I wouldn't be able to confirm till a few days before.

TheDon808 - play doesn't start until 1300, safety briefing is normally about 1250, and it's recommended you turn up at 1230 to get stocked up - not sure where you got the early morning bit from Smile

Play finishes between 4.30 and 5pm allowing the team enough time to clean up the venue before packing up and leaving.

I can't see an issue with coming along halfway through as long as you sign in and pay the entry fee (never had someone actively want to turn up halfway through, so have no policy on pro rata entry fees... yet).  The only real issue is we tend to break around 3pm, so play wont start again until 3.20 ish, so you won't get much time to play.  I wouldn't want you to miss out because you think you need to turn up in the morning or anything like that.

Boff wrote:
With NP113 and L11 both being out of action, I suppose I should lend a hand. Smile

Since I am pretty much a 'free man' in mid April with the kids visiting the outlaws with the wife I will also be completely free to help out as need be for the whole day. I would be more than happy to lend a hand learn the ropes and all the rest especially if you are short handed!

I live nearby and have C-Max beast on hand for people/kit too

I know itís a few weekends off yet, but damn Iím getting excited! Got 100 white waffle tips ready, new tacticool kit thanks to the folks at Blastersmiths, and some new blasters to try out.

Iíve definitely got enough stuff to do separate Elite and Rival load out videos this time too, and Iíll try and actually look like I know what Iím talking about this time. As an aside, if anyone is going to shoot loadout vids how about having a few set questions to ask, so thereís a set format/people donít choke on camera by not knowing what to talk about (will start a new thread about this topic in a mo).

Having spoken to my friends it looks like theyíre keen to come along after their first war at BB7 (some have definitely caught the Nerf bug big time). So hopefully thereíll be a few of us travelling down from around the Gloucester area.

If I can get there early enough I'm more than happy to help out in any way I can.
UK Foam

The event is getting close now and I'm super excited but don't have long to prep as I am currently on holiday abroad!

I am hoping to chuck some K26 into the rival blasters of I can find any!

And I'm looking forward to trying out the artimis!

I'll be warping in from Derby, A38, M6, M42, M5, way if anyone wants a lift. Pm or shout me on Discord.

I'm rather upset I'm going to miss this one....

I'm sure you will all miss my lovely Welsh voice as I hand my games master duties onto UKFoam with Boff's support Razz

Have fun guys I'll look forward to the footage.

UK Foam wrote:
I am hoping to chuck some K26 into the rival blasters of I can find any

I wouldn't bother. Recently watched Captain Xaviers "will it take a K26" episode on Rivals, and it made very little difference as they've all got such high spring loads andyway. I'm not saying it shouldn't be done, mind you...
UK Foam

Start getting those batteries charged! An splash do bring any of your modded loaders as we won't have Davera the Armourer this time!

I've got a load of stuff for sale in the Trading section. If you want anything pm and I'll bring it along!
Clockwork Wino

Batteries are on charge as Iím planning on bringing the yellow ĎHornetí Stryfe for its first ever outing (will have to Chrono it first but I think itíll be ok). I even found time to cram a new spring into the Rotofury today so that might be getting a first outing as well.

Not sure if anyone is interested, but Iíve just gutted a Stampede for the shell and have the complete plunger tube, gearbox, intact loom etc., free to a good home.  Iíll bring it along tomorrow if anyone is interested.

Finally, I was debating bringing the camera along to film some gameplay. Are there any restrictions, policies or guidelines about filming or publishing footage?

See you all tomorrowÖ

Clockwork Wino - there are no restrictions, allot of people bring cameras and record the war.

I'm a bit gutted I'm not going to be able to see the Hornet in person.

Enjoy tomorrow guys.

Right, I'm packed and ready to go. I think. I'm going to dive back into post-GC intel processing so I might be a bit out of it tomorrow... Razz

I have the Firefly helmet camera and remembered to pack the SD card this time. I even charged it!

I'm awake (sorta) and excited (very) for today! It's going to be sooo much fun!

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