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Bristol Blast 3 - 24th September

Hello Guys,

We have a date and venue for Bristol Blast 3.  Sorry for the mix up, but we are a go!

This event will run a little differently (we hope) than last time.  We will have a registration point where everyone must register upon arrival (exact location of where onsite this will be is to be confirmed).  Upon registration you will need to pay your £5 or 100 Darts, and you will be branded with some coloured tape to identify which team you belong to (this will make seperating out for team games much easier, and will also identify anyone who hasnt registered).  

Anyone who hasnt registered and is onsite, please do not be offended if you are approached by one of us - whilst this is a public-ish event, it is on private grounds and there will likely be children in attendance, so safety is paramount.

£5 or 100 KOOSH Darts per Person

The Downs, Bristol, BS9 1FG... Meet opposite the Water Tower in the Bus Shelter.

This is the meeting point. Parking is free on Ladies Mile apparently. This is just around the corner.

Here's Boffs link from the last time this venue was used

Start Time 1230 to 1700 (5PM for those not running on the 24hr clock)
Saturday 24th of September
Registration between 1230 and 1250.  
Safety briefing 1250.
Foam flinging awesomeness to begin at 1300 (1PM)
There will be a break around 1500 (3PM)

130fps cap, eye protection mandatory, no smoking on site, no alcohol and no swearing.
(No unaccompanied under 16's and minimum age 8 (Under 16's require consent).

EDIT - times adjusted slightly, see above.
EDIT 2 - change of venue.

So, it just came up in Discord: shields? I have the BSUK LARP safe version... Razz

I'm joking, of course. There's a good chance I'll be able to make this one.

Sorry I can't make that weekend
UK Foam

So excited!

Should be bring the girl friend and 2-4 friends!

I will be attending (hopefully). That will be my 9th Nerf war.

Bristol blast

I would like to make it to this one, first event for me of this kind so be kind Wink
UK Foam

Yea if you are available definitely come down! So much fun! If you are local you may be able to get a life from someone!

Well, I blame Justajolt, L11 and NP113 but I'm now actively preparing for this. I have a to do list and everything. I need to make another 2 mag pouches, slim down my Stryfe expander, prep the RS and replace the BP flywheels with Hellcats and Workers when the new LiPo arrives.

Time to warm up the printers for an overnight run...

Haha brilliant, I'm glad it's being taken so seriously! It sounds like you are coming fully equipped!

You have no idea what you have unleashed... You guys will be the first outside the company to see the new rig because you're all awesome. Razz

I love the looming your Stryfe! And the slimmed down battery tray expander is awesome.

Time for me to follow suit and patch up the Battle Pack,
Sadly I don't think I'll have time to sort the 180 Rapidstrike, but the 180 Stryfe is good to go.

Looking forward to seeing your new rug Boff.

Boom! Load out sorted. Hellcat 180s and Blasterparts flywheels in the RS because the Workers were putting things over the edge of the ballistic limit. I think I've found what caused the dodgy results on the first time out, too - my soldering on the Hellcats was less than stellar. I've fixed it now and they're purring like a boss. As soon as I get time, I'll get a full chronograph reading to quantify Hellcat 180s on Worker flywheels. Very Happy

Boff, they look really cool!

I'm gutted I have to sit this one out! The baby is due a day after the event and I can't risk missing the birth, even for a potentially amazing event!

I'm sure there will be allot if stories and pictures to share.

OK so I have massive blaster envy. Think I will be copying that paint job!

I also feel like I should cut down the amount of blasters I am bringing.....but 1) I can't decide which I like 2) there is a good chance at least one will fail on me.

So um yeah... The thing is, we started doing a high powered MOSFET loom for the RS for a reason. I managed to melt my standard loom by running Hellcat 180s through it. Now I have to fit a FET otherwise I have a simple brick instead of a Rapidstrike. I should probably a) take my own advice b) remember that spec sheets are not advisory.

Oh and you need to see the paint jobs in person. No one gets a shine like OldNoob. Razz

Hopefully by Bristol Blast 4 my RS will be in action. It will be interesting to see how the all face off against each other.
UK Foam

This is getting very juicy! I look forward to seeing all of these blasters!

If you have loaners. Please do bring them. I am bringing a few friends who only have stock strongarms and I don't have enough blasters to go around!

So anything slightly modded would be great!

I'll have a dig around the armoury and see what's about. I don't tend to keep much in the way of blasters that aren't service blasters in useable condition. I've solved the problem Davera has of not being able to rely on hardware. If it's mine, it's LARP proof so day wars are a cake walk for it.

I think I have an EAT around somewhere...

EDIT: Logistical question: if I turn up to registration with 14x 18 magazines pre-loaded and on my rig, does that count as paying my 100 darts?

That's some rig if you can fit 14 mags on it! But that deffinalty counts as your contribution  Very Happy

L11 wrote:
That's some rig if you can fit 14 mags on it! But that deffinalty counts as your contribution  Very Happy

Oh my sweet summer child, you don't know the true meaning of firepower until you've seen me not restricted by artificial game restrictions put down by LARP classes. Razz

On another note: if people have outstanding orders or want bits and pieces  to pick up at the event then drop the company an email and we'll arrange something. I won't be selling stuff at the event  but given I'll be there anyway, I can bring stuff along for you assuming we get time to make it.
UK Foam


Yes a full load of mags counts =]

I would like to add + 2 onto this and will bring £15 for darts!.. my son 8 and daughter 9 will be coming. They will probably bring a stock strongarm and roughcut. I assume bringing a stock rs or stryfe to this will be pointless Wink.. any guide on how many mags and guns to bring? I will be bringing a modded hammershot and modded deluxe ST blaster for myself  Cool

I will most likely be going to this event, I may be able to bring a friend although I cannot confirm.

Edit: I can now confirm that I'm going, I'll be with two friends as well.

Zenif wrote:
any guide on how many mags and guns to bring? I will be bringing a modded hammershot and modded deluxe ST blaster for myself  Cool

There is a complete post on basic gear for games right here, which should help you. Stock flywheelers are no worse than stock springers, just be sure the RS has its rubber dart skirt pulled out and the Stryfe has the dart sensor removed, plus both should have fresh batteries. Anyone with a magazine fed blaster is going to need at least two magazines, preferably big ones.

^ This. And if you've got time ahead of the event be prepared to practice reloads, blaster transitions and stuff. Get used to your gear, wear it about the place. It doesn't cost you anything and is a great way to get excited for an event. Very Happy


Oh hey, I found something field serviceable that I can loan out.

Turns out I'm missing a few mags, too. I had 20x 18s at the start of the year. I'm down to 14 box mags... I might need to go shopping before GC1 next year.

Just spent my lunch break prepping some kit for the weekend. My combats now have tactical belt loops, I've sewn on my ID patches to my war shirt and tested the new rig with a full magazine load out. Just need to repair this RS and I'm good to go.

Well, that I need to get CarrierII's kit sorted but with the Winchester and a couple of mags he's a lot more lethal than I am... Very Happy
UK Foam

Zenif I look forward to seeing you there.

Memike I look forward to seeing you too! Try and convince that friend Wink

Excellent guys, I look forward to seeing you all there.  Hopefully Boff will take it easy on us... maybe he can be the first Zombie to try and tire him out early and give the rest of us a chance Smile

I'm looking forward to testing my hammershot in the heat of battle for the first time.  Thanks OldNoob for the hammershot videos and bits of pipe.  There is such an improvement over stock performance.

They made Boff carry ballast at GC to tire him out and Carrier II is the hardest person to hit in PVP I have ever fought. He has clearly been bending the rules of the Matrix. You guys are in for some fun. All you need is Tim and you have the whole unholy BUZAN trinity.

OldNoob wrote:
ll you need is Tim and you have the whole unholy BUZAN trinity.

I have plans involving inviting Ymbirtt to the next one... Nefarious, nefarious plans involving that and pizza but mostly getting the three of us on the same field again.

I believe CarrierII exists on a different plane of reality a,d can shift in and out of existence at will. I managed to hit him once, but it required some deception.

If Boff gets too shouty just send him across some uneven ground. Nature will take it's course and he'll have to sit out.

Seriously guys, have fun.
UK Foam

Who are the BUZAN leaders then?

Looking forward to giving some of the seniors a run around (cheek implied). Will be there on Saturday with a load of blasters with ranging modifications. If someone is in need of a more capable blaster I would ask that they bring some spare mags, then id be happy to loan a couple out. Maybe the mods might have something to say about the FK180 stryfe and a BP kit EAT being loaned out? I'll bring a couple of charged 1000mah 2S graphene's as well if anyone has some LiPo issues. See you all on Saturday!

Cheers Newson. I've no issues with any loaner that you are happy lending out. As long as it's compliant with the rules and you are happy with the risk of others breaking it 😀

Nub Hunter44 wrote:
Who are the BUZAN leaders then?

BUZAN was largely started by Boff (aka Mike), Steve (Carrier II) and Tim (Ymbirtt) and was there playground, gear development pool and weekly zombie fest for their uni careers. Tim monsters at GC regularly, as well as being Carrier II's foam war twin. Having fought Tim and Steve at the same time at Jamboree I can confirm massive ammo consumption is about the only antidote to their weird battlefield symbiosis.


We have just received the worst news possible.  We are not able to use the venue for the war tomorrow.  Darren called and said that he needed to cancel.

We need your help to find alternative options in the Bristol area.  THIS WAR WILL BE HAPPENING ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

The Downs are an option. But are they any better options anywhere else.

Please help us Obi-wan, you're our only hope!

I put my suggestions on the Facebook page. This is disappointing, definately time to find a proper venue.

Thanks ON. We are looking at those now. Will agree on something shortly and get the forum updated.
UK Foam

I'm glad this has been fixed so quickly

Dude, chill out. The organisers have this in hand, the event is going ahead - it might just change location.

As annoying as it is, like Boff said, chill. It's happened, it's out of your control that it happened, they are probably as annoyed as you are, and for all you know, it's something serious like a key holder has passed away.

What I'd do is figure an alternative venue out even if it's just a park, get in touch with him and ask if you can put a sign up on the gate, and enjoy it. Worst case scenario, go to a pub and drink!

edit: it's worth noting that the Mormons have been incredibly accommodating to our community and being pissed off with them could hurt that beneficial relationship. These things happen, it's not the end of the world

It is really annoying but all is going to be okay.

Before the next event we will get together and discuss alternative venues so ensure we have a smooth running even in the future.

Darren has let us down twice now so I think we need to move on, we had a good run there.

I know the mods will filet me for this obvious double post... but the original post has been update with new venue and maps, etc.

This post was to draw people's attention to that fact and have it pop up in the forum.

Just wanted to say, Like BGUK said, it's frustrating, but it's hard to tell why the cancellation has occurred. I just hope the reason isn't something serious because I know some of the guys down that way. I'm pretty sure it's not just the cheeky Mormons trying to annoy the Bristol Blast Nerfers by getting them to organize an event, invite all their friends then cancelling at the last minute, though!

I really feel for you guys that this has happened a couple of times, but I'm also dead impressed with your organisers' response in quickly getting a new venue together. So well done them, like Boff said! you're lucky to have a team of resourceful people down there who are almost as good looking as the GuN team.  

That said, it's nuts trying to reorganize at the last minute and I hope you guys have a great day wherever you play.

Alrighty folks! We are good to go for tomorrow. NP113 has updated the OP so please be sure to familiarise yourself with the new location. If you have any questions about that, please PM me and I'll do my best to answer. I don't usually invite people to PM me so if you're even the tiniest bit unsure then please feel free to ask. I'm a local; I literally live 10 minutes walk from the location so will be able to answer questions.

I'm sure NP113 will be along later to provide details of how to contact him on the day if you can't find us when you turn up. CarrierII and I plan to be at the meet point from 1130BST until around 1230BST so if you turn up during that time you'll see two shifty looking guys with pony tails and maybe some other people, too. CarrierII doesn't bite so talking to him first is a good idea.

Oh and PMs on unrelated topics will be met with fire. And not the foam kind... Razz

Thanks Boff, we appreciate the support of a local under trying times.

On the day if you need to contact me my mobile number is: xxxxx xxxxxx. I don't normally like sticking my phone number where the world car see it... but I don't have many options... be good with it.

Call me if you have any problems finding us. We're trying to organise something so you can find us on the downs fairly easily. But failing that I'm likely to be the only one where a high visibility vests  (kindly borrowed from Boff) and a straw cowboy hat - note that the hat is to make me stand out and is not normal attire for me.

I'd also like to thank the GuNners for there support... hopefully once enough foam has bashed into my face I'll be as good looking as you lot 😂

Just remember to edit the post to remove your number after tomorrow. Smile

Also if you are in a park, please call 101 TO TELL PLOD in the morning. Have someone whose number they can have to take responsibility for the event. It's not formal but they might call to confirm where you are if there are reports of lunatics with "gunz" or "paintball" from joe public.

On it, don't worry. I'm here, did you honestly expect things to go wrong? Razz
UK Foam

The police have been informed and are absolutely fine with us flinging foam in a public park! =]

ON - we have allready let the police know we will be there and what we are doing. NP113 will confirm our reference number just in case they turn up!

Evening peeps - yes plod has been informed... thanks to a 25 minute wait on hold Smile I've given them my name and contact details should they need to speak to "someone" in charge, and have asked that we call after the event so they know we've cleared off.

Not that I think we'll need it, but just in case, the reference number they gave me was AS-20160923-0981.

Sorry guys. wont be able to come this time, the venue change has thrown off our plans. Disappointed that I won't be flinging foam today.

Sorry to hear that Newson. Hopefully when we have the next one you can make it and there won't be any last minute venue changes.

We have arrived, we are trying to find a space to park.

Just back now, ordering pizza. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon spent flinging foam. It's been too long since I've been to a day war where I don't need to yell orders and get a whole regiment moving. Very Happy

EDIT: Thread locked. After action report is here.

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