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Black Rice Tech motors - any good?

So Im looking at getting involved with getting a few bits on the next Worker MO, and I noticed the Black Rice Tech motors, but details are a little sparse. Does anyone have any experience with these at all?

Are they 130 or 180 size? If I had to hazard a guess Id say 130 because of the small current draw (2A 5A). The RPM looks ferocious on them (64k RPM @ 7.4v). So does this mean theyre going to be 2s only, because at 3s voltage theyre going to be screaming their tits off and deafening all nearby?

Im planning to start fitting some LiPos into a couple of my blasters, so am slowly doing my research as to whats available and what Ill need (planning on just 130 builds for now). Am I just going to be better off sticking with Rhinos?

I have a pair of these for testing, they are like the Artifact ones, a 132. This means they will fit without a motor cover. Personally I wouldn't waste any money on them, there are better motors. Nearly all the china designed ones are too hot, you would do far better using Rhinos or 180's.

As above, they're a weird non-standard/in-between size of motor - longer than a 130 but shorter than a 180. As for speed, anything above 35kRPM no-load is unnecessary for a single stage and won't yield any additional performance (even with current high-crush, high velocity flywheels/cages). They might make more sense in a multi-stage setup but you'd still likely need quite a few stages before you'd need a motor as fast as that. Low current (although there's no stall current listed IIRC) and high speed also implies low torque which means that they'll probably take just as long, if not longer, to spin up to a usable speed than slower motors anyway. That's assuming they'll even be able to maintain anywhere near that 64kRPM under load.

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