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Best 18 dart magazine

I want to get hold of an 18 dart magazine.  Does anyone have a recommendation of where to get them?

I've found this one:

Looks OK, although I have heard people complain in the past the cheap ebay ones don't fit properly and need some modification?  Is this true (my blasters aren't modified if that makes a difference).

Also colour-wise I much prefer the orange, but I'm thinking the clear is more practical in terms of seeing how many darts you have left in the clip?

Any advice appreciated before I hit the buy button on ebay!

Thank you.

The best 18s are official ones if you can find them anymore, at a price that's worth paying.

I've two of those Chinese ones on order, and I believe another forum user got some recently and they were fine

blindgeekuk wrote:
I've two of those Chinese ones on order, and I believe another forum user got some recently and they were fine

OK that's good to know, I have read stories about people have to file ridges into them with dremels and all sorts.

Which one did you go for out of interest, orange or clear?

I found loads of Stampede mags on Gumtree / free adds ect..
I have about 7 of them and they are brilliant.

I do have 3 of the fake Chinese mags and so far not found any major problems, I did need to dry grease them up so they fed better.

Genuine Nerf ones, clear is best for reliability. Worker ones are good too, none of mine have died. Stampede mags are OK but check for sticky followers or signs of abuse/overloading as many are tired. Avoid ebay.

Thanks, I've had a look at Gumtree but nothing locally at the moment.

Excuse my ignorance but what's a sticky follower?

Good luck finding 18 round mags on gumtree and shpock as I think I've bought them all, but if you do find some people will often post if you ask and are willing to pay for postage. Another good place to look is on Facebook if you join your local selling pages.

I personally prefer the older stampede era 18's, I find the rapidstrike clear ones have a bit too strong a spring and often force springs up and out without much effort, and i've had more jams on them than on older ones.

Though, like OldNoob says, you have to watch out for dodgy sticky followers (the bit that pushes the darts up), in 15 from ebay/gumtree i've had one that was unfixable.

The follower is the part of the magazine that eludes up and down inside the magazine, with the spring underneath and the dart on top (Thanks BG.)
Stampede mags are prone to over filling which can tangle the spring and sometimes the follower stops moving cleanly up and down (it gets sticky) if this happens in game no darts come out into the blaster, resulting in hilarity for your opponent and a respawn for you. I made a video on mag maintainince to help keep everyones feeding clean.

Thanks, I've ordered an 18 from eBay (seem to be mixed opinions on whether they're ok or not). Worst comes to the worst it was less than a fiver so can bin it if it's no good.

I already bought the Flip Clip for 12 quid, and I'm considering getting another, however I'd like to try out an 18 instead of two 12's

I have 8 18's from collections off eBay and shpock and other places, I had to pay a good amount for them but it's worth paying the extra. Dude I have flip clips that I want rid of for free!

@NerfNoob I have purchased a mag from the listing in the original post and it arrived last week, so far seems to be ok - fits in my EAT no problem and have cycled through a full mag a couple times and haven't had any feeding issues. YMMV of course but I've felt it good enough to warrant buying 3 more!

Cheers @Kleggt that's good to know.  I have one on order but it's not due to arrive until sometime after 24th Feb.

In the meantime I couldn't help myself and have purchased another Flip Clip so I at least have a couple of extra 12's to play with in the meantime.

EDIT: OK it arrived yesterday - quality seems good, it fits the Retaliator fine and feeds OK.  I think I'll be buying another.

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