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It seems no-one has talked about this yet, so I'm making a thread on it!

So I was looking around the internet (as well all do), and I heard that the next Rival Nerf gun will be the "Artermis XVII-3000". It seems to be a pump action blaster which can slam fire, and hold up to 30 rounds.

I found it here:

I have to wonder if the articles describing it are legit or fake. If's it's legit, it'll be the first Rival blaster to have Slam-fire capability, which certainly sounds interesting!

EDIT: After UKNerfWar's post, I can conclude that:

a. I can post the link to it.

b. Someone as already broken the news. Embarassed Whoops! It'd still be nice to get your opinions however.

It's legit. In fact I was the first to break the news (yay me),

Also, posting links relevant to the discussion is fine.

I dunno..  It looks ugly and bulky to me but new shapes and mechanisms are always welcome and it could be like Rival's answer to the Rampage.  (Fun,  cheapish, flawed,  but fun).

One proviso being it Has to slam fire otherwise it has no point and should be killed at birth.

Out of Darts just dropped his review on this - it looks pretty awesome!

I'll probably pick one up as it could make an interesting high capacity sidearm

Mr.Crane wrote:

Out of Darts just dropped his review on this - it looks pretty awesome!

I'll probably pick one up as it could make an interesting high capacity sidearm

I've gotta agree with you on that, I'm surprised it's that compact yet still has a decent ammo capacity (for a stock weapon anyway).

I wonder if it'd be possible to fit it in a large pistol holster? I'd be nice to have a secondary weapon like this when I run out of ammo for my BIG guns Razz


I wasnt expecting it to be so small either!

I was thinking it would work quite well on a gun clip or something similar, maybe just a velcro strap round the center of it attached to a belt - looks to be no more cumbersome than having a stryfe as a secondary!


Please keep your quotes shorter than your reply. Thank you. Smile -Boff


A 30 round capacity that can be reloaded on the fly, this seems a good foray into the rivals line. It doesn't rely on having to buy a whole new mag system, though you still need to buy the rival ammo which is slowly starting to come from cheaper Chinese sources.

It's a pretty tight package as well for 30 rounds, doesn't look like much mod potential (unless someone wants to create a trihopper monstrosity), I can see it being a good way to get people into super stock without have much modding knowledge or having to spend too much. Ultimately its not really going to change much for Nerf or either just the rivals line but from the initial outlook it will be a nice addition none the less.

Shady-daze wrote:
or having to spend too much.

As a student with hardly a penny to his name then, this blaster may be a legitmate option for me  Razz

It's crying out for a stock though.  With the magazine it has and the big pump grip it's made for slam fire but with your trigger hand acting as a pivot and having to apply counter acting force as you shake it from side to side during prime it's shots are going to go everywhere.. EVERYWHERE.  (I'm not even saying it's a bad thing Smile )

Minky wrote:
shots are going to go everywhere.. EVERYWHERE. (I'm not even saying it's a bad thing Smile )

That sounds EXACTLY how I Nerf in general!!!

... now that I think about it, since it (in my opinion):

a. has good ammo capacity,

b. is small enough to be a sidearm,

c. fires ALL OVER THE PLACE when you slam-fire,

...I may buy one for myself. You guys have convinced me Very Happy

Just saw Drac's review of it, and while he was very impressed with it, I wasn't quite as excited. It's got the usual Rival accuracy and power, but the vertical pump grip looked horrible to use, and would be much better with a horizontal or angled pump grip (just my viewpoint; I realise there are people that will like the vertical pump grips).

While it has a good capacity for many bawlz, the 3 individual loading tubes seems a little tedious when it comes to reloading. I like the fact that the opening for the ammo is designed so the balls can't easily fall out again, but if the tubes had been end loading, it'd speed up reloading considerably. And I think the anti-fallout ball entries were only added because you'll have to rotate the blaster around to access each tube. The sliding cover for all of these tubes looks bulky, and it's either an open/closed option.

Couldn't they just have made each tube have a uni-directional trapdoor that you press balls through? Or have each tube be the standard style rival mag, that you could slot in and out? That'd make it far more war-friendly. Otherwise, it's a high capacity blaster that's going to take ages to reload. Mind you, the Khaos looks like it has this problem with the lack of availability of aftermarket mags, so it's not alone with this problem. Though I guess with the power & accuracy of Rival blasters, you're going to be making shots count far more than dart blasters, so you're less likely to blow through your ammo stock quite so quickly, so maybe a need for quick reloading large mags is less of an issue?

Watching Drac's video, the slam fire performance didn't look brilliant, with a distinct lack of power and accuracy when doing so. And again, with Rival balls being more accurate and powerful, is slam fire needed so much in a war, where you'd usually spray 'n' pray with a dart blaster.

I did like the way that each of the turret chambers is pre-loaded with a ball before it rotates into the firing position. In theory you could pre load each chamber, then top up each tube, giving you a total of 33 rounds.

I'm sounding massively critical of this blaster, when in all honesty it looks like a step in the right direction for the Rival stuff. I'm just still not sold on investing on them at this stage, given that I'm still pretty new to Nerf in general.

I love the weird look of this blaster, and having seen Drac's, Out of Darts and Bobololo's reviews/unboxings and musings on the Artemis; Will definitely be getting one.

I'm surprised though that the blaster was produced without a shoulder stock, removable or fixed, especially with its slam fire capability, but hey ho.

Anyone know when this will drop in the U.K.? Or if there's a US store that will ship to here?

If nothing else it's proved my theory that the mod scene believes that the correct grip style for all blasters is whichever one it didn't come with.

I will definitely pick one up maybe peel off an old barricade stock attachment and somehow attach it on the back.

Please let me know when they appear in the shops however, I do want a flak cannon Wink.

I assume, being Nerf, there will be no official release date and it'll be 60 or something retarded.  I may get one shipped over from the USA in February it will probably cost less that way.

Anyone know if Rival guns are generally weaker in the UK, I know normal blasters are.

Sorry to Necro, but this seemed relevant!

Looks like I'll be waiting till its on sale then!

Welllll, looks like I'll be waiting for a sale on this one.
I could get a zeus for lower than that Sad

Smyths prices are generally a bit higher than elsewhere at the start. So as long as it's not an exclusive, I could see this hitting Argos at 45.

Welllll, looks like I'll be waiting for a sale on this one.
I could get a zeus for lower than that Sad

Now, I'll admit, 55 is more than I was expecting to pay, but I'd love to know where you are getting a zeus, spare 12 mag/18 round pack, and 6 c's for sub 55?

To keep the thread on topic, theres one guy who's trying to work with OutOfDarts in the USA to bring his 3d printed handle and stock / sling point to market.

I don't understand how Smyth's can sell the Artemis in an assortment? Surely when they receive delivery of these Nerf blasters someone can take inventory of which one's are blue and which one's are red, then allow the customer to order whichever they prefer? I don't understand the 'pot luck' advertising

No surprise on the price I was honestly expecting it to be 60. Nerf Rival is generally overpriced on launch and beyond.

Hopefully the price will drop as other companies, hopefully...get the Artemis in stock but I am most likely going to pick these up but generally my little group prefer to use rival other conventional dart blasters.

Keen mod the priming handle and add a stock mount - seen the 3D printed stuff on reddit.

Side note: For Rival cheapest check Toys R us at the moment Zeus for 44 and all other rival products are on sale.

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