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Any plans for another worker mo?

I was just in the trading section and saw a worker mo topic and was wondering if another one will be happening anytime soon? Question

If you want to start one pop a thread up in trading. The last one was done through a members personal contacts. Most of the main products are now available on Amazon or Ebay with relatively little mark up vs buying off Taobao and taking your chances. If there was something specific you wanted then put a WTB (Want To Buy) in trading, members often have stashed parts.

We'll likely be doing another MO in the next few weeks. It takes a little bit longer than ordering direct from eBay or Amazon but generally works out cheaper.

Very end of the month is when most people get paid (like me), so are more likely to get involved (like me).

oooooo I may have to indulge in the next one

Ok, thanks. I'll have to keep an eye out.

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