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Any Nerf events in North East of England

Hello all,

Are there any Nerf groups playing regular(ish) games in the Middlesbrough / Sunderland / Gateshead / Newcastle area?

I can see that GuN runs regular events to the South in the Leeds area and that events are running to the North in Edinburgh.

Are there many of us playing Nerf in this area of the North East?

I would love to get something running in the North East.

Happy to get involved if you want to start something up yourself and need some help/advice, as I know other Britnerfers will be as well..

Hello and thank you for the reply:) .

Between Durham, Sunderland, Gateshead and Newcastle that is a lot of people.

How does it work from an insurance and H&S perspective?

Also to form some sort of club in the North East we would need get a critical mass of players (regulars) to start it up. How many players attended events such as GuN in it's early days? What sort of numbers would be needed? 10 Plus I am guessing at a minimum for 5 v 5.

There was about 7 or 8 of us at the first event in a little hall. Was still a good craic though - you just have to be creative with the games and manage your expectations. Just because only a few people turn up doesn't mean it's a failure or that it's not worth continuing.

With regard to health and safety we have a code of conduct for players to sign that can be shared, we do safety briefings at the start of an event, everyone wears some form of eye protection or doesn't get to play, all players under 18 have some form of adult supervision or permission (for 16-18 year olds) and we manage the risk. As long as you can show that you have taken reasonable precautions things work well.

People trip over, bump into things, etc, but that's just life. No serious injuries yet at any GuN event. Intact I think it's my son tripping over who has lost the most flesh out of any player!

Sounds like it would be very do-able  Smile . A code of conduct to cover the H & S.

We just need to know if we have the numbers willing to start it up from other Britnerf members in Middlesbrough / Durham / Sunderland / Gateshead / Newcastle area. So 7 to 8 players should be Enough to start.

Please shout in thread if you are North East NERFer and if you would be interested in forming a group. Also say where you roughly based in NE so we can work out a good area for potential sites to play.

I would suggest some where reasonably central such as Gateshead or Sunderland area with descent public transport links but this depend where the bulk of players are located at.

Jolt and I can help from an insurance point of view as we recently discussed our Public Liability Insurance. ON also has PLI. Feel free to PM.

Yes the area must have a ton of Nerfers who just don't have anywhere organised to go. Trying to get along to GuN would be a good place to start. I'll be bringing a crew down from Scotland early next year I think - we should all hook up and chat Smile

Hello, that sounds like an excellent plan Very Happy  .

Do you guys pass through the NE when heading down to GuN?

At GuN, we didn't bother with insurance at first. The only reason we have it now is that I got it for doing parties!

You should be Ok if you get everyone to sign forms and follow the same precautions we have of using eye protection and having under 16 accompanied by an adult on site at all times.

It's a good idea to have a community dart pool. We do it by having all players donate a pound each for darts. Each time you play, you replace the darts you use. I don't know what you're doing about venues, but it'll be more per person if you're hiring as opposed to getting somewhere free.

I second come down to GuN to take a look and get some ideas! Hope I can make your first event! Make it on a different Saturday to us, and it's likely you'll get some Gunners down...

Really hope pu get this going on! Keep us updated!

Some venues will not hire to you without your own liability insurance. None in my area will allow me to run without it.

Same here. Liability Insurance is a must for all skate park events, other public events and birthday parties.

(edit) and some will ask you to do a risk assessment first. Shout if you need a hand with those Smile


I am also looking for a Nerf War in the North-East. I currently live in South-East Northumberland.

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