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A Massive Thank You (stolen blaster issue)

So after a problematic/ emotional week, I'm consigned to the fact that all the hard work in gone. With no evidence the police have there hands are tied. Unfortunate but true.

However I consider myself lucky, over the last 6 months i've met some awesome folk. As the thing with car clubs, if its nicked you ask peeps to keep an eye out. You didn't just do that, no no noooo, now this really gets me in the feels. Multiple peeps from BRITNERF offered me new gear, you obsolete bad arses. So for the massive thank you


Too literal, maybe?

Mr Crane, Thank you

Just a Jolt, Thank you

blindgeekuk, Thank you

uknerfwar, Thank you

So if I missed you out add your name, or just want thanking for comedy reasons add yourself down there....

Glad to be of some help mate!

Can't be having you driven out the hobby just because someone stole your kit, I got the stuff sent today so it should be with you soon

Also a thank you too Sparky2504

Let me know if you need any more mirandas - have a black double you can have....

Hope you are able to replace your gear. Shout if you need anything.

I'll be going through my collection later today, I'll list it all, and PM you.  If there's anything you fancy, just PM me, and I'll whack it in the post to you.

well i'm going too GuN 18. I've got a busy week ahead, EAT, hammershot and stryfe builds. I managed to pick up a really cheap stryfe with stranded internals but with the worker external parts my baby had.

So it turns out the central door locking motor on the drivers side was bad. leaving the doors unlocked.
Part swapped. as well as the wheel locking nuts. that key was knicked too.

Cheers welshnerfer. Much appreciated.

OldNoob, are worker motors (6v) gonna cope with a 3s lipo? I picked up the metal motor cage with motors and flywheels. Before all this happened. the plan was too ryno it. then 2s another stryfe (with the worker 6v motors) for playing against much young kids. The plan now is just too use those motors.

Franksie, cheers mate, I was just going to run a stripped down version of my tank load-out.
Also are you Franksie I from wolf pack a couple of months ago?

Yep that is me

Huh, nice

Worker motors will shit a brick on 3s. They are too hot to start with. Get Meishel 2's off UKnerfwar if you want 2s, if you want Rhinos PM me. Tell Uknerfwar I will gift you a pair of Meishels if you need them, he can message me to check.
The metal wheels will just destroy darts.

hmm destroying darts, maybe time for plan B. Whats a better bye flywheel wise. Hooigan ones?

Hooligan wheels are currently the best. I am doing a mega test this month. They have the FPS and Standard Deviation record on my tests, twice as good on SD as the nearest competitor.

Cool i'll order some up

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