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5th Anniversary Competition

This is it... The moment you've all been waiting for...

Inspired by the recent spate of people making their own gear, the A&M team decided that it would be fun to make this years competition about tactical gear. The rules are pretty simple:

    Entries must be of your own original design and created since the competition opened.

    You can use any skills/materials you possess. Ballistic nylon is good, gaffer tape and tissue paper is just as good.

    Points will be awarded for originality and creativity just as much as quality and functionality so you can really let your imaginations run wild.

    Closing date will be 18th July so you've got three months to come up with something.

Right, Prizes.

First Prize-
"The Deuce" Stryfe- Full Album Here

Comes with Bagablaster slip, courtesy of Super Gripper.

Paint- 4 stage pearl and candy flames, micro metal flake "hot rod" black, blacker than Boffs language.
Petrol blue metallic grips and accessories.
Genuine Gavinfuzzy Customs mag release lever, printed by Gavin himself!
Three layers of high gloss lacquer, hand polished.
Honeybadger flywheel motors- First set in the UK
Solid state MOSFET wiring, rated to 60A, no high current in the grip.
Plug in motor block for easy servicing
Cherry DC2 Rev trigger switch, plug in- first time anyone has done that. Enables wiring loom to be removed if required whilst the switch can remain fixed.
Full "Bobo" battery tray expansion to take 2s 950mah Graphene Lipo or 1000mah conventional pack.
Factory fitted XT60 connector.

All entrants will receive a commemorative BritNerf patch courtesy of Blastersmiths UK.

T's & C's

One entry per person. You are welcome to change your mind throughout the course of the competition, simply edit your post to change your photo.
At 23.59 (BST) on 18th July 2016 the topic will be locked and the judging process will begin. We will not accept any entries after this time.
International members are welcome to enter but if you live somewhere really remote, you may be asked to contribute a little towards the postage fee.
The prize is what it is. There is no cash alternative or anything.

Shouts: "Honey go to the store and buy all the Duct tape!"

...Sorry if I wasn't meant to comment on this thread.

*breathing intensifies*

As soon as I get back from GC this is happening, I have a pile of scrap and random bits that now need to be tactical gear.

Does California (USA) count as remote?

Also, will the "tacticoolness" be a factor in the judging?

California is reasonably near for postage. Cost for there would be $30 max, we would get the rest. Given that a Stryfe from me can top $200 easily that's not much.
Tacticoolness can help, we are looking far more for creativity than anything else, go nuts.


I assume equipment completed after the date of the opening of the contest is allowable? Otherwise, I've got a whole wardrobe that I could flood this thread with. Razz

'Tactical' and 'tacticool' are too very different things....

I'm more concerned about trying to beat justajolt Smile

*calls to wife*

"Sweetpea... we need to start keeping all the cereal boxes and loo role middles again..."

Just over a month to go!

I can't win because I'm a judge, but that doesn't mean I cant get the ball rolling!

Introducing the long awaited Tactical Pasty Holster (TPH).

The TPH was constructed of tripple laminated organic fibre board and reinforced with Durable Utility Combat Tape (DUCT tape). The tape is laminated for a super durable outer shell. The top flap is secured using a top secret space-age technology.

Inside the TPH is lined with a thermal layer to help regulate the temperature of the contents. Our research shows that a soldier is 100% more combat effective if their lunch is temperate.

Photobombing dog.

The TPH can be secured to the users belt for ultimate ease and convenience. The high tensile belt loops can accommodate a 2" belt and can even be attached to molle webbing systems.

The TPH was developed to be a truly versatile lunch system. Not only can it accommodate a pasty but in fact any semicircular or crescent shaped foodstuffs can be inserted. Croissants are a perfect fit as indeed are tacos allowing the TPH to suit NERFers from any nationality.  

Full album can be seen here.

Awesome work. A blaster update, spec is now confirmed-
1- Fully expanded battery tray, room for the latest Graphene packs and a low volt alarm. (note, does not include pack/charger)
2- Third gen solid state wiring loom, no high current in the grip, pro grade microswitch trigger, 16AWG main leads, 60A compatible.
3- Weight matched stock flywheels.
4- MTB Honeybadger motors- one of the first sets in the UK
5- Custom body work, details when it's painted. Will be super tasty.
6- Extra features- only for the lucky winner to find.

As much as uknerfwar deserves to win for the sheer beauty of the pastie holder, that blaster spec sounds even tastier than a pastry based consumable (bad pun intended).

Better get my arts and crafts kit out and get busy.....

I'm actually considering entering this since I'm not judging. I just have to think of something that's not in the company's development notebooks. Razz

I'm thinking a pistol and chain-sword holder. For when you need to unleash your inner Commissar.

One month in, and I've yet to think of anything to make Sad

The extent of my non bought stuff is probably the two carabiners that clip between my belt loop and bandolier that stop the bsuk holster on the bandolier sliding off.

More inspiration for you all. I can't enter as I am a judge, but with Bristol Blast incoming the Minion fancied a small armour upgrade. The main vest is an old soldier 95 plate carrier altered to fit, with camping mat replacing Kevlar on the inside.
The shoulder pads are made from 1000d cordura (ordered from Boff) and have my first attempt at Molle loops on, which also provide attachment for morale and unit badges. Embroidery by BSUK.
They are fully removable with velcro and have an elastic strap on the upper arm to help them stay in place and keep them out the way of his rig in action.
Also a handy accessory to school uniform..

Right side pad

Left side pad, with unit badge.

Velcro overlock attachments to the main vest. All this was stitched, then the pad folded inside out, hemmed, leaving a small gap, then turned the right way and the foam rolled and inserted into the pad. I then stitched up the last bit. This can be seen in the ugly bit at the bottom. If I was making it again I would have vid that on the back corner, not the most visible part!
Apologies as usual to Spud for calling this sewing!

This is  my  entry.  An aluminum holster  for my tri-fire

Britnerf 5th anniversary competition entry:

Title: Mag Mag (proof of concept)

Overview and aims:

I had two main goals setting out on this project...

1. Whatever I built must be easily replicable for reasonable cost
2. Must actually be usable/solve a problem

Optional goal

3. Get a sweet morale patch for max Nerf swag points

After scouring the internet for some ideas I noticed that quite a few people have tried attaching magnets to their blasters/mags, however it seemed that in almost every case it required permanent changes and looked ghastly. I wanted to create something which was standardised against the most utilised platform (molle) and this led me to discovering that no one (as far as I know) had considered crossing magnetic attachment with molle pattern.

Over the course of a few iterations and due to a few sourcing issues I was unable to actually mount the magnets to the bars as I could not source magnets which had the appropriate strength with a low enough profile. This issue meant that I would need to mount the magnets to the mags themselves.

Project build:

1. Making my own proto molle bars (trying to resist urge to cheat and use BSUK bars)

2. Adding metal to the bars and covering in ductape.

3. Creating the adjustable straps which hold the magnets

4. in place on a molle panel

Total cost:

4 x Neodymium magnets (£7.50)
4 x Velcro patches (£2)
Duct tape (negligible)

Project conclusion:

Overall as a prototype/proof of concept I am exceptionally happy with this. The choice to go with 4 distinct points of contact which match molle spacing is effective in ensuring stability and will mean that this will work across any standardised molle panel which opens up some crazy options.

Additionally given the low cost this could easily replicated and is accessible by anyone with a roll of ductape and a pair of scissors/junior hacksaw. I will be field testing my prototype at GC next month however jumping around indoors I have been unable to make the mag drop or even wobble.

I think the systems low weight and profile could really lend itself to a specific type of player and add yet another option for everyone's load outs. (assuming test goes well)

As an added bonus, the 4 points of contact means the mag automatically snaps into place and straightens itself out assuming you place it within a reasonable tolerance... which suits people with OCD (like myself).

Next steps:

Molle bars will be replaced with polycarb with inset metal or will be metal lined. These will then be able to be act as regular molle bars in addition to magnetic ones

The straps will be redone in proper velcro (as per the BSUK jungle kit) and magnets will be secured within two layers.


Special notes:

Even if this prototype was taken through to a final version, it in no way would equal the greatness of the tactical pasty holster. The only thing that could beat that would be some kind of large rivals type mag which dispensed pork pies.

@mods, yes, I have a few issues with grammar. Please do not edit me into oblivion Wink

Can all of the above be done with velcro? Yes, but drawing this mag is silent... proper kingskeep style

Notable sources and acknowledgements:

A chosen few of the sources that helped form the vision




Genius idea, simple, elegant and not too expensive to make. Best of British engineering, well done! Bar raised.

Elime_rawne wrote:

So, erm, fancy a job? Razz

That is an exceptionally elegant solution to the problem and I really like it. I'd be curious to see how this weathers. That said, I'm already working on solutions to that problem. Very keen to see this in the flesh at E2.

Jeez Elime, this was supposed to be a silly contest and you turned it into something credible. Damn you!

Cheers guys, that means alot.

Sorry for  lowering the tone of the competition... I will add some googly eyes (or something else rediculous) to the finished product to bring it up to scratch Smile

That'll be much more like it. Shame on you!

My entry is this Secret Shot II holster made out of duct tape and part of the packaging for the Hammershot.

It also holds a Hammershot quite nicely.

Just a little update.

I'm extending the competition another month so we have more time to get the prizes ready. ON hasn't had much time to work on the blaster and Boff decided to break his fancy embroidery machine. That should give ya'll more time to come up with something stupid/brilliant to enter the comp and win some shiny.

Great entries so far guys. Keep 'em coming.

Here is my entry:

After about 2 hours of RnD I present a hex stack mag holder constructed completely out of duck tape, paper and hot glue, it has a dual tactical sock holder and glow in the dark duck tape strips on each block of magazine.

It is attached to a belt via 3 MOLLE inspired straps that hook into the belt and they are completely removable for maintenance and/or storage.

I have tried to destroy it as best as I can but have failed, it is strong enough to hold up to 2 wars while my BSUK stuff is being stitched.

Yay! I might actually get round to having an idea now! Loving the entries so far

Does that mean it's the date on the start of the thread now? July?

Yea, I've updated the OP with the new closing date.
daniel k

The "Duct Tape extrodiare" loadout, also called "justajolt, eat your heart out".

When I first saw duct tape gear, I often wondered why people didn't use the excess tape to make a belt, or something to mount it on. This competition was the kick up the arse I needed to do it, and was completed this half term.Using only £5 worth of duct tape, and 1 shipping box, this loadout will supply anyone. Capable of holding up to 8 18 dart mags, 1 pistol, and with specially tailored shoulder straps, this could be used as a heavy, support, or normal foot soldier with a demolisher or EAT, for instance, the DTE is very versatile, at least for smaller nerfers (also note the duct tape sling for an EAT in the background). Now you may be wondering what this:
carabinier is doing. It can be used for any secondary, big or small. For instance: a swarmfire(pictured) or a rotofory, as my personal favorites.

Overall, this is a truly incredible loadout which I feel, would suit almost any play style. The pistol holder can also hold a 4 pack of kitkat's, or water, for speedy refuel in-game!

Just wait till I get my camera fixed...
daniel k

Please don't, then I have a chance before you blow me out of the water!

Here is my battle tested pouch.

It's made from a 'recycled' pair of combat trousers. I cut the leg in half sewed this to make a deep thigh length pocket.

I cut out a pocket from another part of the combats and sewed it onto the front as a loose dart holder or spare mag holder which has two separate pockets. The top of the pouch has a pully string to tighten or losses the top opening.

I made belt hoops that fit nicely around any belt and keep it in place.


So when I heard about this competition I decided that i wanted something that was tactical and practical. So First off I made some duck type holsters inspired by Just-a-jolt, but I decided that they were way too common.

So then I  decided to make this very tactical-practical four foot shield that will fit in most doorways so that you can just sit in a room having a drink, But I decided that was a little dull and it doesn't even have a blaster holder yet (but is planned to have a quick load 18 round stick mag on soon Smile)

So then after a little pondering I decided to come up with the Tactical-Practical-Chest (TPC) [Not to be mistaken for TCP]. This is the best and most tactical-practical way to move blasters. ‘But why?’ you probably did not ask.

As you can see the outer body has two quick draw 4-victory blasters that can be used while the TPC is in motion, (based on two people carrying the TPC [This is recommended as it has some weight to it when fully stocked]) So you can fight off an ambush.

As you open it you will find Frankenstein MK1, this was a blaster I built for the Larp system called Hive and served me well in the games that I played claiming 7 confirmed hits and one confirmed in game kill. At this time Frank is use holding its place but unfortunately the ‘Blazing’ will be taking its place next week (or once the ‘Blazing’ is complete). And under that is my yet to be named Recon MK2, This is fully loaded with a 6 Mag as that's all that will fit in the space and there are two more 6s in a removable duck type holster. (yes I said I wasn't going to but, guess what I did anyway). And a silencer just in case you need to have sneaky kills.

In the first Level you have a Stryfe with modified internals a stock with a loaded 10 mag ready to rock out. There is also a Duel strike on standby just incase special ammo is required in a game type.

Next level down is the Maga Magnus cause it’s just a sweet blaster and I love it. The you have the speedswarm for when you need some major fire powder.

So there you go the TPC is here I’m so happy with this and can not wait to be working on it more Smile

The first image is a tacticool shock lanyard that my wife made for me, I originally designed one that was almost identical but she made a pretty version by braiding the bungee cord for me and cost a total of $3 worth of hardware store supplies. Surprisingly useful for if you need to drop your primary and don't want the bulk of a sling around you. Also, it's super convenient to just unclip it during dart sweeps.  So that is her entry, she really wants that custom stryfe so she can have a primary that can compete with the kids and I.

My entry is something my kids and I made for our father's day project. I have no use for duct tape holsters but I did really need a better storage option than a rubbermade tote for my loadout. It was extremely easy, I got the idea from a similar loadout display and added hooks for my primary and secondary blasters. I like it so much more than a peg board wall since it really just displays my loadout and not just all my toys thrown together. This is simple, cheap, and elegant. Something that every nerfer should make.

The first prize is now pictured, get your entries in if you haven't already! A full photo shoot and chrono session will follow next week.

Love the Nerf chest! I have one also... I will post pic when I get home!

Well done ON, that stryfe looks amazing. My only worry is that it might have too much black for it to be used outside or in the public.

Trust me, it's fine, no way is it a "replica firearm." Obviously I wouldn't recommend putting a big black vector kit on it.

Personally, I would not call that "over 50% brightly coloured and/or clear" but eh.

Stryfe looks bad ass!!!! Super hot rod style, plenty hi-vis in my opinion.

Stryfe looks hella cool


So I was to directed by FDS to submit my work here. I present to you the slam mag system for stryfe lovers. It's works pretty darn well for being cardboard and duct tape. Hopefully the next 3d printed version will function as well. Hope you all enjoy.

Clip-moobs! Moobazines?

Lol, I think Nerm's been watching me reload - I just dump my empty clips

Nerm - any chance of redoing that vid without the backing music?

Yeh NERM I could hear you but the backing music is WAY too loud. Make it a lot more quiet or silent if you want people to have an easier job to hear you.

I love the idea and I'm curious about how they'd stand up to being gamed in! (running about etc)

With that much ammo and Nerm's usual firepower on board retreat or even "tactical falling back"  is not very likely!

Hi Guys

Heres my entry - my wife has spend the last half hour wetting herself at how cringy the video is and as she had soo much fun i thought id bring it unedited for comedic value
i was so excited to finally have everything together i didnt plan what to say haha enjoy!!!


Love it.

Yeah, thats class.

I like magnets 🤓

Thats amazing Smile

Literally just watched the video that Elime_rawne had posted and seems someone else had already done something similar... think mines cooler and way more stealthy

Whoa whoa whoa... Dems fightin' words

i meant the guy with the mastercheif backpack in the video you posted not you bro

Loved your idea

Elime_rawne wrote:
Whoa whoa whoa... Dems fightin' words

Oooooo,  that's fine then Smile.

I agree yours is far cleaner than his. The idea to put the magnets below clothing was good. Magnet strength seems to fall off rather quickly so be sure to not wear too many layers.

Im doing something with magnets too, not as cool as yours though.

Will trial it at FDT this weekend.

Let the magnet arms race begin! Very Happy

Full album of high def shots now added to the OP.

Ok heres my magnetic entry.

To be honests its more of me just sticking some bits and pieces together to get the results I was after rather than actually making something.

Cheap single point sling and tac belt. Bit of paracord, split ring , cable tie and the magic that makes it all work is a magnetic break away clip used for attaching landing nets to anglers.

I wanted a way of having the flipfury out the way but easily to hand and initially used those break away safety clips found on neck lanyards but they popped too easily. This thing is solid but breaks with a good pull.

Stays nicely on my back but can be drawn by reaching round and pulling to the front doesnt really effect the draw.

Will be put into action at FDT tomorrow 😎
super gripper

SA80 sling.

After looking around for some sling attachments and not finding anything suitable I ended up buying some small carabiner's and drilling holes in both the stryfe and the worker stock and tie wrapping them on.
came out quite well in the end.

Finally had a chance to look through the hotrod photo gallery and ON that is exquisite work such a high quality finish

Liking the use of an SA80 sling, my personal favourite too. Sections of old metal wire coat hangers wrapped in shrink sleeve (to remove the shine - you can just use black hangers) work well as SA80 sling mount points too although granted they're not as durable as a carabiner.

My entry is kind of a commission... Franksie mentioned on the Discord that he had nothing to hold his 4x18 clips when he comes to GuN next week. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone, a clip holder and a competition entry. Remember, take pity on me, I can't see!

I call this the Dragon Pouch (for obvious reasons). It comfortable holds 3x18 (because one should be in Franksie's blaster!)and is belt mounted

Fully functioning belt loop

Fancy cross stitching on the belt loop so it doesn't break!

edit: I posted a comment on the GuN review thread, but I should really mention it here... this was built to be used, and while I had a concern that it might flap around a bit due to a lack of leg strap, Franksee used it throughout GuN7, as both a clip holder, and as a dump pouch for darts and a jolt, and it worked well.
Whether or not I win, I'm pleased with what I made and am glad it got used.

Here is my entry, it's my homeade load out which includes a mag holder, dump pouch, and hammershot holster.

The hammershot holster is made from a pancake mix box and gorilla tape, the belt loop is made from a folded peice of gorilla tape, the Nerf logo was put on with a stencil and a silver sharpie, you can't see in the picture but it is drop leg for a right hand draw.

The mag pouch is made from a V-Moda headphone box and gorilla tape, it comfortably holds 5 12 round mags it is attached to the belt with a nylon strap which is secure and tested the same method was used for the Nerf logo

The dump pouch is actually a bubble wrap shipping envelope and covered in gorilla tape the belt loop is made from a folded peice of gorilla tape.

Here is a picture of all of the gear together, I have run around with all of the gear and am preparing to take it to a war on the 16th, I hope you guys like it.


Welcome to Britnerf, and a great first post. Love that stencil work

blindgeekuk wrote:
Welcome to Britnerf, and a great first post. Love that stencil work

Thanks man, it means a lot

blindgeek - i'm so touched by your creation!  I'm really looking forward to using it in anger next weekend now.

I really hope this earns you that Hotrod!

OldNoob has put up the firing demo of The Deuce:

The important stats for this 2s Honey Badger build, lost in the crazy music are High of 112fps, low of 93fps, average of 101fps.

There's just over a week to go, so get your entries in!

Dang. I had a crazy idea based on using my car (in a safe static way). Then my car got smashed up Sad so back to the drawing board!

Ok so this first started off as a Boredom thing but then I started to enjoy it and it turned into an awesome project. I've always like the idea of transporting/storing blasters like this and this is my first one I've done, I'm hoping to do more in the future, let me know what you guys think Smile


Less than a week to go peeps. The competition closes midnight Monday!

I know most of you will knock something together Sunday evening. There's nothing like an impending deadline to spark some productivity.

huntybunchesofoats wrote:
Here is my entry, it's my homeade load out which includes a mag holder, dump pouch, and hammershot holster.

Hunty bunch, I love it all!!! Superb.

Hey guys, this is my entry.

I have built a mechanized backpack feed for my Nerf Havok. The idea of course to feed ammunition from a backpack and into a Havok without having to worry about the belt snagging under It's own weight. This idea seems to have been talked about a lot and I myself have always wanted one to use at The Green Cloaks, so I thought I'd try my best to assemble it with the help of my very slim knowledge of electronics and a pile of broken Nerf products (courtesy of my younger self).

This project cost me nearly nothing as all of the parts I used were salvaged from broken items or were left over from a previous project. I believe the only thing purchased for this was a torch which cost a grand total of £1. Although if one was to attempt this project from scratch I assume it would be relatively expensive to get everything.

Here is a list of the items used:
A button (taken from my stampede)
A length of wire
AAA battery compartment (taken from the previously mentioned torch)
A Nerf ammo box (though an alternative with a higher capacity could probably be found or made)
A switch (taken from a broken Havok)
The motor and gear box of a Nerf Havok
The feed (teeth?) of a Nerf Havok
A rucksack
Tamiya Connectors (left over from the Havok's battery upgrade)
Duct tape
Electrical tape
a plastic bottle cap

The belt is stored in the Nerf ammo box and is pulled out of a hole cut in the side by the feed mechanism. There are two holes in the box as the result of an old project to turn it into a magazine, the second hole is not a feature of this build.

The actual mechanism itself is simply the motor block cut out of a spare Havok with the feed teeth glued to the top with araldite (I know, professional). This is connected to the battery compartment with a simple circuit that runs out of the ammo box housing and through to the Havok.

The motor block is bolted into the lid of the box which acts as a compartment to hold the motor and the electronics. A lid for this was then constructed out of cardboard and duct tape and a guard of sorts was fashioned out of a bottle cap to protect the wire's connection the the motor.

The belt is stored in the main part of the box which has a capacity of about 70 darts with the feed hanging into it, though the finished product can deal with much more as the chain has to reach round and out to the gun anyway.

The button to trigger the feed and the on/off switch are both located inside the Havok. Therefore the feed plugs into the Havok via a length of wire and some tamiya connectors. To prevent the wire snagging and the connectors breaking I tie the wire off round the top handle of the blaster, this is of course until I find a more elegant solution to the problem.
The feed is activated by a button fixed behind the trigger of the blaster. The feed is in sync with the rate of fire so that it can fire continuously without having stopping to readjust the chain. I first attempted to achieve this through the use of a voltage modulator, adjusting the voltage reaching the motor until it reached the correct speed. This failed as the modulator I used was salvaged from an old toy and though it appeared to work at first, it practically burst into flames after a few tests.

In the end after testing an array of batteries I discovered that 3 AAA batteries did the trick. They are housed in a compartment taken from a pound shop torch. Please note that this speed was configured to that of my modified Havok, a stock Havok would need a much slower feed.

After testing the feed at The Green Cloaks I decided to install an on/off switch so that I could deactivate the feed whenever needed without having to constantly unplug it. It also acts as a safety as I would also find myself occasionally triggering the feed while picking up the gun, and ending up with a pile of chain to deal with.

Here's a video to prove the thing actually works:

That's about it

I'd also just like to say thanks to Elime_rawne for introducing me to this competition, and just so you guys know i'm totally going to be using your tacti-cool ideas Very Happy

I forgot to add a picture of it stored in it's backpack.  


Elime_rawn told me about this months ago and I tried to come find you at GC because I wanted to see it.

Brilliant. I am totally stealing this idea!  Wink  Wink

I'd say a late entry but a worthy winner there!

Just over a day to go chaps. Hopefully Justajolt can pull his finger out in time!

Grivnir01 right now...


Thanks guys  Smile

And last minute entry!!!!

Actually I'll call this a token work in progress unless I finish something tomorrow.


No longer do you need to worry about the fitter, faster, wealthier, moddier nerfers, no, for the low low price of however much the tarp, nails and wood cost me you too can Nerf in safety, thanks to the tactical safe space!

A crazy all around shield. What if someone shoots upwards to try and hit you?

Wink the finished version has a roof. (and windows and doors for that matter) so I should be alright, if I don't get to that in time then I'll just have to add another hate crime poster that bans it.

Davidov wrote:
And last minute entry!!!!


Ladies and gentlemen, this is a game changer.

Here is my entry:

The idea was simple, I wanted to make something that gave you the biggest ammo capacity possible whilst keeping you as mobile and clutter free as possible. I also wanted to ensure that when you went for a fresh magazine you would be guaranteed to be grabbing a full magazine.

So this is what I came up with......

I've taken to calling it the Ultimate Battle Pack (UBP).  It's basically a back mounted box mag holder, with added refreshments.

This version holds 13 18 round straight mags, giving you a capacity of 284 darts. It only holds 13 as I only have 13. You could make a larger version with room for more mags if you had more, you could even use the worker 22's to really increase capacity.

The build was quite simple. The main box is made out of cardboard cover in cloth tape mounted on to a Nerf Tac vest. I have then added two velcro straps to hold the box onto the body a bit better. The box opens up for loading and is closed again using velcro. This allows for easy reloading between rounds.

I have then added supports for a 2L hydration bladder on the back of the box. The tube then fastens through one of the dart holders on the front of the vest. This was added as hydration is important and putting it on this way keeps with the original idea of keeping your body clutter free.

So here it is in action.

I've done something similar for my rig (to be posted this evening), but you've got WAY more ammo in yours than mine! I love it, Davera. This is superb, and it even uses my no. 1 favourite blend of materials ^_^ I'll 100% be giving this a go!

This competition's amazing for encouraging innovation. Really good for the community.

After watching a few of your your videos justajolt I was worried we would end up with the same product. Looking forward to seeing your entry.

If you still have all those worker mags it's be great to see them used on something like my entry.

*Some people are leaving this really late *cough*justajolt*cough*.

Come on Justajolt... stop trying to be fashionably late and show us what you've come up with! Wink

I'd missed grivnir's entry, that's some serious work, well done mate!

Elime_rawne wrote:
Come on Justajolt... stop trying to be fashionably late and show us what you've come up with! Wink

It's getting late, so here it is! Still not original. Still not pretty. No where near the levels of innovation I've seen in other entries! But I love using it ^_^

As soon as this competition was opened, I wanted to use it as an opportunity to make something I would use and enjoy using. I'd been Nerfing with a rag-tag bunch of bits and bobs for a rig, so I decided it was time to make something to bring my favourite blasters together, along with a couple of ideas I'd had and seen which I really liked!

My new Duct tape rig is fully customised to my current needs as a Nerfer and includes loops to attach my favourite blasters so I can get to them when I need them with minimal effort and keep them loaded for the duration of a game.

The rig is designed so that blasters fall and lie where they can be easilly picked up again when released. See the seriousness of the face.

The Rayven falls to my right to be picked up by my right hand. Inspiration for this came from NoBACoN's Ultimate Soldier Loadout vid. I was struck by how easilly this guy was able to release and grab the Stryfes hanging off his left and right shoulder. The Rapidpistol lies over my chest, to be easilly collected by my left hand when needed to dart-spam, clear a corridor or provide some covering fire when moving.

The Duct-tape straps are held in place with a carefully positioned support infrastructure across the back of the rig.

The set up includes a duct tape holster for my infamous barricade.

The name's Jolt. Justajolt. Licence to look moody for the camera. Blue steel on.

Like Davera's creation, my mag box utilises the principle of gravity to feed full mags downwards, towards the front, enabling you to know you are always going to grab a full mag. Additionally, you also know where your empty mags are to cram darts into towards the late stages of a long game!

I'm totally impressed with the stuff that's been made in response to this competition! The innovation is unreal and  I think it's really good for the community ^_^

I'm surprising myself that I actually finished. The interesting thing about this holster is that it cost me nothing. The magwell of a gutted Raider, the priming slide of a Dart Tag blaster, a cotton swab container, and five screws froma junk blaster went into this. I built it for battles at my friend's house. It holds my Five by five and a clip very well. Pictures here

That's it. We done.

Thanks to everybody for their entries. Top notch work all round. Now the judges shall retire to the drawing room for brandy and a pipe.

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