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'Kids friendly' Stryfe mod

So been looking at upgrading my stryfe in the near future but since I'm not looking for a high performance flywheelmasterace I'm a little unsure what's best.

I've got kids (age 9 & 6) who do borrow my blasters (so my springers still have all locks and ARs) so keeping it under 100fps and retaining a few of the locks would be key.
I was thinking that a rewire and 2/3 IMRs would have been ideal if IMRs were more easily available as it'd be a far simpler job to swap the IMRs out if kids were using it.

Would a rewire and set up with voltmeter and wiring for being swapable between AAs and 2s Lipo work keeping it under 100fps?

Well I use a couple of rewired Stryfe's with two IMR's as my under 100fps blasters for GuN, they give a bit more umpth without much effort. For simplicity they are great, but obviously come with the cost of IMR's and charger.

I personally would not try to create a Stryfe that can be powered by both IMR's or a Lipo, unless it's just for the fun of doing it which is totally valid, for the cost of just getting a second Stryfe to use is so low.

You can't get dual power ur if the Stryfe, you can do it in the modulus/Jyn Erso where there's a removable battery tray. The difference between the two, on stock motors , is about 2-3fps average and slightly better snap response on the lipo. If you are using stock motors it's not really worth having lipo as well, I usually advise one or the other, either mod motors/lipo or stock motors/IMR.
3 cells will top 105fps, too hot for most kids/house games. If you want a small boost without too much velocity then 2 IMR is perfect, with a PROPER REWIRE ideally. Retain the rev trigger lockingto save on jams.
IMR has the advantage of not being as volatile if left IN the blaster vs Lipo, otherwise it's similar in that you should exercise care in charging and not leave them in blasters once play stops.
Likewise there is very little room for a voltmeter in the Stryfe and if you observe correct battery practices they are totally unnecessary.
If you want a full primary then build one! That's the good thing about Nerf, you can usually afford multiple blasters. I don't use any of my flywheelers at home, I use stock stuff for that, it's better all round.

In my (limited) experience 3x IMR and a rewire will see decent darts hitting 110+fps, and even sloppy old darts will be over 80fps, but consitency will be lacking from one shot to the next with standard wheels, cage and motors. 2x IMRs will see the same lack of consistency, but the range of velocities will likely be roughly between 75 - 95fps.

Full spreadsheet of 3s IMR testing here and 2 s and Lipo results are here. Both taken from the chrono data forum and The Vault. If other people have test results they need to tabulate them and publish.

Much appreciated all!

I'm no stranger to soldering or your youtube rewire guide OldNoob and I'm thinking that for simplicity I'll pickup the blastersmiths rewire kit.

I may yet go for a flywheel primary in the future but I currently prefer the idea of a demolisher for that. I really love the visceral feel a springer gives you though.

All being well I'll be at GuN on Saturday so hopefully I'll see the difference in action tbr.

Cool, all I have to do now then is track down some appropriate IMRs. I could always up it to 3 outside kidgames.

I'm looking for unprotected button top IMR 14500 yeah? Efest brand if possible? [EDIT - Whoops! just foudn that link you left me TBR! Thank you!]

BE AWARE- Currently the only RELIABLE source for 14500 IMR is Torchy the Battery Boy on Ebay, he does both Torchy and AWT ones in flat top, you can use 2 of those if you take out the battery divider tags and put the dummy in right, to use its button top on the +ve tag. If you run 3 just put a small nickel plated magnet on the end of the flat top to enable it to hit the +ve.

Payday has come and chargers & IMRs have arrived and dummies are on the way.

I've ended up with at least 2 stryfe's and a barricade to rewire as a few friends want in and they can't solder so I'll need more parts than the blastersmiths kit will give.
I've a good supplier for 18AWG wire and 4mm heatshrink but has anyone got a good source for microswitches (ideally that'll fit a stryfe without having to carve it up)?

If you're only running IMRs with stock motors you can use the standard microswitch supplied for the Rev trigger. Also, if you remove the mag well lock and/or the jam door lock from your Stryfe, you've got two spares right there!

RS components is where i buy all my microswitches from. More options there than you'll know what to do with!

old_man_nerf wrote:
RS components is where i buy all my microswitches from. More options there than you'll know what to do with!

Just down gelderd road too, handy!

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