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The Nerf Apocalypse, round 2

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The Nerf Apocalypse, round 2
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Game Organiser

Joined: 31 May 2015
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Location: Leeds, UK

Post The Nerf Apocalypse, round 2  Reply with quote
When I was just getting started in the Nerf hobby, roughly 2 years ago, I stumbled upon BritNerf via Google, and specifically this thread

Unfortunately some of those people are no longer active members of our community, but I thought it would be fun to revisit that thread and see how 2 years has affected the previous participants and see whether newer members could compete...

So Zombies with a severe Foam allergy are walking the earth once more........

You have a single clip system blaster (which one is mostly irrelevant for the following question) and the Z's are about to swarm your location. You have no time to load (or re-load) any clips or drums, but as luck would have it, you have ignored all the advice ever given by Hasbro Instruction pamphlets and have stored your darts in your entire stock of clip system clips and drums. Phew!

You are a sniper ace and every round is a Zombie slaying head shot!

How many Zombies could you kill before you run out of ammo?


1 * 35 drum
2 * 25 drum
1 * Worker 22 banana
1 * half clear orange 18
12 * stampede 18
7 * firefly 18
4 * 18 drum
2 * blasterparts 15 banana
9 * 12
4 * Chinese 12 (so 11 rounds)
4 * 10 banana
1 * 10 straight
1 * firefly 10 (rebelle rapidglow)
16 * 6

So 887 dead zombies

In addition I have 4 * 25 belt

Another 100 zombies taken care of...

And if I ran out, and could grab a vortex...

3 * 40 drum (which hold 41)
2 * 20
3 * 10

Thats another 193...

And finally, 6 * rival 12s. Though I'd be using them in an Atlas so a) half as many shots and b) it's guaranteed to jam instantly, making me zombie chowder if I tried to use it

I might survive the initial onslaught from the local area, or could maybe run and gun my way up the kill to the airport with that amount of ammo...

WolfPack Leeds - New Nerf combat in Leeds -

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Joined: 30 Aug 2016
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Location: Rochester Kent

Post Reply with quote
With what I currently have at home (not taking into account purchases and sales as have more mags on the way and a few to post)

4x 35 drums
3x 25 drums
1x 18 drum
17x clear 18s
18x stampede 18s
3x half clear 18s
2x 12s
4x banana 10s
4x rapid red 10s
1x 6

Total 1027

Then swapping to mega

3x mega 6s

Total 18

And finally vortex

4x 40 drums (41 each)
3x 20s
2x 10s

Total 244

For a grand total of 1289
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Game Organiser

Joined: 28 Dec 2016
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Fav. Blaster: Devcon
Location: Kent

Post Reply with quote
Pretty pitiful here - 217 zombies! I'd quickly become zombie chew.

1x 25 Drum
3x China 18s
4x Stampede 18s
2x 12 Mags
2x Rebelle 10s
1x Banana 10
1x 6 Mag

2x Mega 6

No Vortex

Thanet Dart Wars
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Junior Member

Joined: 14 Jan 2017
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Fav. Blaster: Longshot
Location: Stoke-On-Trent

Post Reply with quote
8 x 18 Straights (144)
3 x 35 Drums (105)
3 x 10 Vortex Straight (30)
1 x 25 Belt (25)
4 x 6 Straight (24)
1 x 12 Straight (12)

340 Dead Zambies. Discounting possibility of Vortex ricochets in hordes. Which lets face it, is the fun of using Vortex. That, and the hilarity of a slow moving disc lapsidaisically making contact with a target after floating in the air for 5 minutes deciding whether or not it is down with this gravity thing.
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Veteran Member

Joined: 03 Nov 2016
Posts: 298
Fav. Blaster: Doomlands Desolator
Location: Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Post Reply with quote
11 x 18  
13 x 12
5 x 10
26 x 6
1 x 35 drum
4 x 25 drum
3 x 18 drum

= 750 mag rounds

2 x 25 belt

1 x 6 mega mag

5 x 12 rival mag
1 x 7 rival mag

1 x 10 vortex
1 x 20 vortex

853 rounds in total, but 750 usable in the clip system blaster.

Of course, if we were looking at accessories added to this one clip system blaster then I could add on a Mega launcher and rocket launcher from the Tri-strike to up my fire power that little bit more, as well as a foregrip blaster, and be ready to deal with any special zombies.

[UPDATED 3.6.2017]

So yeah, I like the Mega Centurion. A lot. Like, an unhealthy amount.

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Joined: 11 Sep 2016
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Fav. Blaster: Longstrike
Location: Denmark

Post Reply with quote
2*rayven 18s
And a vulcan belt
A total of 406 dead zombies. Not too bad

Wait, vikings didn't have flywheel?
Founder of RNK
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Game Organiser

Joined: 30 Aug 2015
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Fav. Blaster: Lawgiver
Location: Glasgow

Post Reply with quote
14 x 18 stick mags
6 x 12 stick mags
5 x 10 stick mags
4 x 8 air warrior mags
20ish x 6 mags (estimate can't be bothered to count them but a lot)
4 x 35 drums
6 x 25 drums
2 x 25 vulcan belts.
4 x 12 rival sticks
= 914 I think. That's stuff in the toy box for personal use if I included my Monkeytron stock in the garage it would be thousands Very Happy

Does my artimis count as another 30?

I'm here to fling foam and chew gum and I'm all out of gum.


You Tube

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